Her Story

After finding a church with the best organ and organist in the area (Spencerville SDA, Mark Willey), my friend, Melissa and I, began attending and even joined the choir. On August 18 when Melissa and I arrived at church after Sabbath School, I noticed a tall (bonus points for a tall lady), handsome guy standing near the entrance of the sanctuary. When he looked at me, I noticed that he looked really young. Embarrassed, I looked away when he turned my way, and I dismissed him as a high school student. Melissa, less mindful of his youthful face, commented “that guy is gonna come over here and talk to you.” She conveniently walked away to get a drink of water, and a few seconds later, Murray walked up to me and introduced himself. After clarifying his age to ensure he was not in high school, I resumed my interest in him. Long hours emailing, chatting on Gchat, and talking on the telephone led to the beginning of our relationship, which officially began at PF Chang’s Columbia, November 12, 2007.


History (Not a Typo)

First off, I’d like to clarify that there’s a reason why they call the subject we take in school “history,” which is just about equivalent to “his story,” except there’s one less “s.”  I’m going to tell the story of what really happened.

One Saturday morning, probably around 11AM, I was minding my business, probably checking in with the deacons to see if they were short.  Sabbath school (Sunday school, but on Saturday) had recently concluded, and I saw two lonely lost souls who looked all alone and uncertain of where to go.  Taking pity on these damsels in distress, I gallantly approached, like a knight in well-tailored golden robes to lend my aid.  “Greetings, maiden,” I said in a polite, but authoritative tone, “hast thou visited this church before?”

“Oh bless, you, kind sir,” she replied, “I’m new to these parts and I was hopin’ to find a kind soul to help me learn the ropes,” she said, batting her eyelids.

“Miss,” I began, “I am extremely busy with tending to various responsibilities around the church, but it would be dishonorable for me to leave you unaccompanied.  I shall tend to my duties then return for you at once!”  And off I went to tend to all manner of duties.

Upon my return I found that this innocent-seeming woman was actually quite sneaky and with her relentless passes she eventually was able to win my heart.


OK, maybe not, maybe what really happened was I saw two girls who looked like they were new to the area.  It just so happened that one of them was tall (an attribute I appreciate also), and I thought she was cute too.  Whether under the guise of being friendly to visitors or because I wanted to talk to this new person, I approached and concurrently the other girl (Melissa as I would soon learn) decided to get a drink of water.  Upon reaching my target, I introduced myself and about this time I believe Melissa returned, so I casually asked for both of their names and mentioned that they should join the Sabbath School class I attend.  I made sure to ask for the spelling of Lerone’s name, because I wanted to make sure I could get it right in subsequent encounters.

Long story short, she came to Sabbath school, then I ran off to Alaska or something, but when I returned she was still there, woohoo!  Turns out we both had crushes on one another: she invited the entire class over to her house for dinner to get me over there (of course I got lost and was late, Rob had to give me directions) and I used a game wherein we were guessing each other’s birthdays as a ploy to ask her out.  We spent countless hours on the phone and finally on November 12, 2007, we had our date (it was postponed a couple times).  Of course I was late again, and I received a text from her saying I’d better have flowers….

I didn’t have flowers, but I’m guessing you figured that it didn’t really matter by this point, because that girl was mine! :)  I love her, and I feel like the luckiest guy on earth to have her.  If not the luckiest, certainly in the top 5 or 10, or 50, or 100 million, or whatever.  The number’s not what matters, because we can’t compare happiness, what matters is I found a gift that God left for me, and I intend to cherish her as long as we both shall live.

…maybe that’s what actually happened.